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Sports Specific Eyewear Fitting
Sports and specialty eyewear fittings give you a leg up on the competition. Most athletic pursuits require optimum visual capabilities. Your sight has to be operating at its best to help you navigate the terrain of your activities safely and effectively. Refractive errors and other eyesight problems do not have to limit you in what you are able to do in the sports world. Sports and specialty eyewear can help ensure that you have the vision necessary to support your peripheral vision, your depth perception, and your hand-eye coordination. Technology today provides tools to deliver visual acuity for whatever sport or activity appeals to you.
Sports Specific Lenses
 For athletes and sports applications, we highly recommend the Polycarbonate Lenses. Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, and it is used exclusively by many of the world's finest sports and specialty glasses manufacturers and optical laboratories. It is thinner, lighter, and stronger than glass.

What's more, polycarbonate lenses can survive a 12-gauge shotgun blast from 10 yards away. Polycarbonate naturally blocks almost all of the sun's harmful UV rays. No coatings are required to block UV rays on a polycarbonate lens. The strength of polycarbonate is partially derived from its flexibility. It is not brittle and will not shatter. This strength also contributes to its main weakness.

Because polycarbonate is so flexible, it is also easily scratched. New lens coatings and hardeners have significantly improved polycarbonate's durability, but choosing a polycarbonate lens still requires an informed consumer. Quality lens treatments match the refractive index of the lens material and allow light to pass through the coating at the same speed as the lens. If light passes through the lens coating and the lens at two different speeds, vision will be blurred.

Every lens we offer is manufactured to improve vision. Our customers are never at risk of getting stuck with substandard lenses or coatings. We look forward to discuss your lens options with you.
Sports Specific Eyewear - Sunglasses
Choosing sunglasses for the sports you participate in can give you a leg up over the competition. Not all sunglasses are alike. New technology gives you options that offer protection for your eyes, and a tool to enhance your visual abilities. Improving your visual abilities through proper sports and specialty sunglasses can help substantially improve your performance with little effort on your part. 

Here are some of the key reasons you should invest in sports and specialty sunglasses:
• They manage light for optimum performance
• They offer a wraparound style with prescription lenses
• Have tints to sunglasses that diminish glare
• Enhance the color contrasts for targeted vision goals
• Improve speed, clarity, and accuracy of your vision
• Protect the eye from dangerous UV rays
• Protect the eye from from injury
• Protect the eye from from accidents
The Power of Lens Tint 
Sports and specialty eyewear is able to hone in on the objects you want and need to see best by filtering the color and contrasts that bring you visual acuity. For athletes that need 100 percent color accuracy, a neutral gray tint provides this. But, for most athletes, enhancing contrasts will help bring out the object of play best.

Viewing a ball against the sky, an object in the water, moguls on a slope, a tennis ball flying over a net are seen better with contrast. Brown and copper-colored tints often offer the best visual enhancements than other tints.

Knowing how to choose the right tint, the right lens and style for what you are doing requires someone who knows your eyes, your goals and the products. The opticians at Eye Love Eyewear work with you to give you tools for athletic success.
Sports Specific Frames

The most important thing when purchasing sports eyewear is selecting the right material for both the lenses and the frames. Injuries when playing sports can cause severe injury to the eye, but sports eyewear can help. Although the type of sport determines which eyewear is best for you, the basic principles are the same.
Your eyewear should be as durable and lightweight as possible with a snug, but comfortable, fit. Your glasses should be close enough to your eyes that no stray light gets through - at the same time, your eyelashes should not touch the lenses. The material should not splinter and be as durable as possible while still remaining malleable and flexible. These properties reduce the risk of injury, i.e. when falling, because your eyewear 'gives way' instead of breaking.

Choosing the right material also significantly affects wearer comfort. Here's a rule of thumb: the lighter the eyewear is, the more comfortable it sits on your nose. For this reason, and because it reduces the risk of injury, eyewear made of plastic (such as polycarbonate and polyamide) should be your first choice: compared to lenses made of glass, they can be manufactured to be up to 50% lighter.

Note: when choosing your frames, make sure they don't contain any elements which could injure you, i.e. glass or metal parts. Also: a hard coating for your plastic lenses is always a good idea to protect them from scratches.

School-aged competitors are particularly prone to eye injuries since their athletic skills (hand-eye coordination, balance, reaction time and speed) are still being developed. However, regardless of an individual's age or skill level, every athlete's eyes are targets for injury. Under most circumstances, at least 90% of sports-related eye injuries are preventable with the proper use of protective sports eyewear.
Call for a Sports Specific Eyewear Consultation 

Get the tools you need to bring your athletic performance to another level. Sports eyewear that enhances your vision and highlights your sports object can make all the difference in your sports performance and enjoyment. Let our experienced opticians consult with you to get you what you need.  
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